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Next date from JO41PU :

17.-19.august 2017 (depends on weather conds)

(9/6/3cm 24&47GHz)

maybe short stopp 20.08. in JO51EL




(3/6cm, 24GHz)



until now I was qrv from different places:


JO72AK (03.-04.06.2017)

3,4GHz/ 5,7GHz/ 24GHz/ 47GHz

Harald, DL9GBH/P 10GHz operator

project winter 2016/2017: New 10/24GHz transverter for portabel operation - here are the first steps - transverter box is homebrew

On the first floor are the transverters (10/24GHz with GPS controlled LOs), PAs (10GHz 10W out, 24GHz 4W out) and so on - this side is later on top, because the heatsink for the PAs is on top - also IF TRX YAESU FT817 will be mounted on top

On the second floor are the modules for the GPS RX, 10MHz PLL, ON4IY roverbox (shows data from GPS like locator, height ASL, UTC.....display is 2x16 OLED) and a CW keyer (pc keyboard needed for operation)

Now a lot of wires are inside

Front with OLED display (icewhite) for the GPS datas and output control

Back side

48cm dish with dualband feed 10/24GHz (DJ7FJ design)


....ready for skeds

µw activity from JN57VX 07.12.2016

µw activities from JN58IT 02.-04.08.2016

view direction north


µw activities from JO71AE 02.-03.07.2016

mountain Schwedenstein (south side) 380m asl

view dir south - some minutes before the thunderstorm arrieved

µw activities from JO70AX 04.07.2016

Hohburkersdorfer Rundblick 380m asl

view direction mountain Lillienstein

view direction DL7QY JN59BD




µw activities from JO51

activities from JO51 on 6cm and 9cm 21.08.2016
mountain "Birkenberg" JO51EL (540m asl)

Wolfgang DK5AI and Lorenz DL6NCI


activities from JO51 on 6cm and 9cm april 2016
mountain "Birkenberg" JO51EL (530m asl)

New 9cm Transverter, 70cm dish, 25W out, GPS controlled LO, display for GPS data

µw activities from JO41

I was QRV from mountain Koeterberg (JO41PU) 05.06.2016 with 6 and 9cm

I was QRV from mountain Koeterberg (JO41PU) 20.08.2016 with 3/6 and 9cm


october 2015

3 and 6cm, also 24 and 47GHz







microwave-roundtable (1950 ???)