experiences with SMA relays and high power



During some tests of my new 10GHz transverter I have got some problems with the antenna relay. After some time with 22 W continuous carrier on 10 GHz the actuator pins have melted (see pictures).

Maybe it's a small transition resistance which then makes the pins melt (made of synthetic material) at the high power on 10 GHz. Up till now this effect appeared only at "second-hand" SMA relays.

Note for new and used coaxial relays

Clean the relay-contacts after a longer storage.
Switch the relay for some hours with a generator or other suitable circuit.
You should connect the contacts with current (2mA - 100mA) or RF (50 - 250mW).The value of the chosen current or the RF depends on the contact material (e.g. AgNi+Au of approximately 2 mA -100 mA).


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